Cumin ECO – 1kg



This cumin is harvested by the peasant-gatherers of the cooperative which supplies us with our caraway, fennel and anise. It is dried on stalks hanging downwards which are then beaten to extract all the seeds. Then, a meticulous sorting of seeds and shards of branches is done and then the seeds are dried in the sun.



Wild cumin is used in many cuisines around the world such as in India, North Africa, the Middle East. We can find cumin in hummus, falafel, kefta or kebbeh.

In Europe, you can put the seeds on a piece of cheese such as munster or gruyere, to bring freshness. Cumin also goes very well with freshly pan-fried or mashed carrots.

It is also used to create curry mixes. You can also sprinkle it in raw salads. Wild cumin can be used as an infusion.

Cumin is naturally rich in calcium, iron and potassium.

It promotes the assimilation of food, the absorption of nutrients and minerals to facilitate digestion and reduce abdominal bloating.
Its anti-inflammatory benefits allow it to soothe heartburn and intestinal spasms as well.

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