Bonilla Chips

The first steps of the company were taken in Ferrol in 1932, where Salvador Bonilla, father of the current owner, began with a stand that he would take to the towns and villages to sell his “churros” and chips. He came to run a hotel and summer café. There are photos from the year 1932 at a fair where we can read the words: “Bonilla a la Vista, “churros” and chips”.
César Bonilla Vázquez is part of the third generation of a family dedicated to gastronomy; his five “Bonilla a la Vista” “churro” stands are a key part of the La Coruña hospitality business. In November 1949 the first “churro” stand was set up on the Orzán road; from this moment on he dedicated his life and soul to this trade. At first it was a bicycle, then a Guzzi motorcycle, kept at the factory in Arteixo, which was the first vehicle used to deliver their chips, which were packed in 1 kg returnable cans, and distributed to the cafeterias of the city.

In 1958 it moved to Galera road, where the work overflowed and they decided to stop selling chips, as the level of work was near impossible. César kept the idea going for 30 years until finally turning it into a reality.
Since 1988 they have made their chips at the “Polígon de Sabón” (Arteixo) with the finest raw material (select potatoes and olive oil) achieving their characteristic quality.

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