Deortegas Organic Frantoio

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100% Frantoio Variety


Medium-intensity oil. It is a highly floral and stimulating variety due to its citric aromas. Prominent notes include green herb, banana and dried fruits and nuts. It is smooth in the mouth, with a gentle aggressive spiciness and a tropical touch. A highly-expressive and content-filled variety.

It should be used by itself or to season salads, toasted bread, tapas, side dishes…

DEORTEGAS olive oil is produced by a farming family with a long background in organic agriculture. Its olive trees have been grown using the traditional method on the Els Charquillos and Foia Bella dry-farming estates for more than 15 years, with plantations of between 60 and 90 trees/hectare of the Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca and Frantoio varieties.

The olives used to make these oils are meticulously selected and cold-pressed in order to conserve and enhance all their characteristics. Deortegas extra-virgin olive oils are from 100% organic crops, all of them featuring a wealth of nuances and a balanced bitterness and spiciness with acidity levels below 0.1%.

During the production process, the olives are harvested straight from the tree – never from the ground – when they are perfectly ripe, employing mechanical processes to prevent them from being damaged, after which they are transported in crates. Once they have been stripped of leaves and branches, they transition to the cold oil extraction process, which always takes place within 24 hours of harvesting.

At the end of the production process, the oil is allowed to decant naturally, yielding organic, supremely elegant extra-virgin oils with a deep green or golden tone.

1st Prize in the Light Category at Expoliva 2021
Top 100 Awards Evooleum 2021
The Best of Spain and The Best of Organic at Japan Olive Oil Prize 2021

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Murcia

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500 ml

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