Merula – 2,5L




Extra Virgin Olive Oil with delicate and ripe notes from fruits such as the apple, almond and banana, accompanied by green notes. Chamomile and fennel are the underlying descriptors of its fruity aroma.
It is extremely mild on entering the mouth, its bitterness and spiciness are but a memory of the olive from which it is made: the sweet almond is the most prominent nuance, together with the banana and apple.
Freshness and subtlety are its hallmark, highly recommended for starting out in the sensory world of extra virgin olive oils.

Suitable for all kinds of dishes, fried potatoes or tempura, blue fish, cod, vegetables and creamy vegetable soups, and white meats.
Merula oil is obtained from 200 hectares of olive trees on the Perales de Miraflores estate located in the vicinity of Mérida.

The olives are harvested with the utmost care and at just the right time to bear a perfectly healthy fruit with optimal organoleptic qualities.

They are pressed at its own oil presses with cutting-edge extraction techniques and then produced immediately after harvesting, thereby guaranteeing the utmost quality.

Merula is made mainly with Morisca and Picual olives, and also, albeit in a smaller proportion, with Arbequina and Hojiblanca.

The analytical controls are performed with the assessment of the integrated laboratory in Córdoba and an officially-approved tasting panel featuring the renowned professional Cristino Lobillo Ríos.

Gold Award NYIOOC 2020
Silver Award NYIOOC 2018

Additional information

Oil type

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Extremadura

Olive Type

Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Morisca, Picual