Chikpea Nachos

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Nachos made from chickpeas, with 40% more protein than traditional ones due to the properties of this legume and 50% more fiber thanks to not using any flour, these are made only with whole grain.

The only other ingredients are corn, sunflower oil and Himalayan salt, all ingredients come from organic, non-GMO and preservative-free farming.

Its motto is “We make love and not snacks”. The dream of the founder of Anaconda is to offer an equally or more delicious alternative to unhealthy snacks and adapt them to the needs of the consumer of the 21st century.
Production begins with the search for quality products, from organic farming, without GMOs, nor preservatives. This allows you to develop a product that improves the nutritional values of snacks. It uses renewable energy production processes, followed by very careful packaging and the result is delicious!

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